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MetoMotion’s advanced robotics saves growers time and money, while bringing a new level of control to the harvesting process


MetoMotion’s GRoW wins GreenTech Robot Challenge 2022 !!!

MetoMotion’s Greenhouse Robotic Worker (GRoW) presents a technology platform for harvesting greenhouse tomatoes and exploiting data for yield estimation and stress detection.

GRoW solves the most acute problem growers face today, The labor crisis. The labor crisis limits growth and sometimes even causes direct financial losses due to harvesting delays.
For the first time in agricultural robotics, MetoMotion introduces a fully autonomous system that is able to identify ripe fruit, pick and pack directly into a box allowing growers to focus on their crops.

Future GRoW functionalities will include pruning, de-leafing, and harvesting other crops such as cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, and cannabis.
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80% savings in labor hours
Smooth integration into existing greenhouse practices
50% cost reduction
24/7 operation

The Technology

MetoMotion brings a number of core innovations to its GRoW system: a 3D stereo vision system for identifying ripe fruit/vegetables, a patented end-effector for damage-free harvesting, and sophisticated analytical software that is based on complex computational algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, AI.
More about the technology
Autonomous Guided Vehicle
Dual Robotic Arms
Onboard Boxing System
Advanced AI 3D Vision System
Data Collection & Analysis Software

Investors & Partners

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This project had received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 827511
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