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Greenhouse growers face a number of significant challenges: Labor costs in greenhouses comprise 30% to 50% of total production costs, and it has become increasingly difficult to find and retain qualified workers. Yet, growers and seed companies alike have directed little energy or investment toward advanced automated harvesting systems. The Covid-19 pandemic has underscored the urgent need to reduce the dependency on labor. Growers are seeking advanced technologies to meet the increasing demand for sustainable vegetable harvesting all year round. The agricultural robotics sector is forecasted to grow 700% between 2017 and 2022.(1) The robotics revolution in agriculture is here, and MetoMotion is one of its pioneers.
According to a Research and Markets news release, the global commercial greenhouse market is projected to reach $50.6 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 11.3%.
Rising Demand For Food
This growth can be attributed to the rising demand for food due to the growing population, and climate change, which affects the yield of crops.
Growing Knowledge
Also, knowledge about commercial greenhouse technology for higher yield will provide various growth opportunities for commercial greenhouse market in coming years.
Technology Developments
Technology developments over the past 10 years have reduced the time to market (TTM). Advances in battery and vision technology, artificial intelligence, and big data are all contributing to this accelerated TTM.
1.2 million acres
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1.2 million acres
The total world greenhouse vegetable production area is more than 500 thousand hectares (1.2 million acres),
10% in high-yield
with approximately 10% in high-yield greenhouses, also known as high-tech greenhouses.
These greenhouses represent MetoMotion’s target market as they are best suited for robotic harvesting due to their consistent infrastructure.
Future Growth & Collaborations
The global harvesting robot market is expected to show continued fast growth through 2027.(2) Milking and feeding robots and autonomous tractors are proven technologies that have become part of day-to-day farming.
MetoMotion contends that the greenhouse sector will be quick to adopt robotics. The company believes that the 30% of the total robotic market share milking robots achieved in 20 years will happen much faster in the greenhouse sector.

The company is collaborating with Ridder, a global player with 65 years of experience, to build a worldwide sales and support network.